I never had trouble switching mainhand weapon without using katars. This build needs a buff slave for Aspersio without the Excalibur. Stats IV. At this point, only 2 things can happen. Backslide and Cloak is there on your skill list to be used. Sinx Guide. Then you stand beside an MvP and spam Counter Slash 7 times a second, doing millions of damage VERY quickly. Meteor Assault is better if you're mobbed, while Soul Breaker is good to one shot isolated monsters. Cloaking lvl 10. Meteor Assault: Activo: Descripción: Target [Requirement] Katar Mastery Level 5, Right Hand Mastery Level 3, Sonic Blow Level 5, Soul Destroyer Level 1 An attack that causes mass damage to all enemies within a 5x5 cells Area around the caster.   Your previous content has been restored. Soul Breaker Skill Rely on both magic and Str. Enchantly Deadly Poison/EDP lvl 5. You know what makes it fun fighting crit sinx? THEY CANT UN CLOAK YOU. This build can fully utilize the perks of the Evil Druid Card - along with the +1 Int/Def, you become immune to Freeze and Stone Curse. It works way better. 1. Assassins (and their transcended Assassin Cross) are able to equip a weapon in each hand and the exclusive users of Katar weapons. STR 70-110 (with blessing and job bonus. . Well i guess no one bother's making one so here it goes. hahaha yeah i saw this topic again and i saw this comment hehe.. excuse my newbie comment i didnt know a lot about ro yet and this was the first guide i saw for sinx anyways i couldnt do it cause kiels and you know THE WHOLE THING :P :lol: but i can do it now :D great guide it works. Just equip the beanie if the enemy got close to you. NR=? Always carry a spare katar to switch the mainhand weapon faster. 10 Meteor Assault … ok that my build stat..for information all type player and any type of job can kill this job..but for my stat build it can give u are balance sonic blow. You can use any Dagger or Blade if you want but i use blade instead. Meteor assault lvl 1 is but only as useful as a half working "sight" skill to uncloack players (cant unhide players). Crit sinx also are easily stripped. 1. RC and CI deals more damage but has less range. It's a nice way to slip in some damage on someone that's being slippery to target. Chances are, they die instantly since anyone not using shield will get hit by around 16k attack from a dagger(x2 that for double attack) add the reflect and if you are spamming envenom as well. I fought people that called me tons of stuff when I use cloaking(they are crit sinx). Abuse double attack. Fighting against an SB sinx. With these new skills, the Assassin Cross now has a wide choice of brutal methods to overcome opponents. Just comment if i miss something. Abuse double attack. Stalkers just need a lot of AGI and DEX with a bow (which is good against a Sinx, rather than a dagger/sword), so that the Sinx is … This guide is incomplete. (2 weapons) str divisible by 10. Skill Build: Sonic Blow lvl 10. get mix a belts(I do not know if there is a mix a belt with a slot, if there is, get that.). But I’ll start with the easy to level-up build. It doesn't matter how much time or Zeny you invested into this build or gear. ... • Falcon assault is forced neutral • Land mine is earth property Back. lower- whatever card you didn't use in mid. All you need to do if you're a Sinx, is EDP, Cloak and Sonic blow, and there's nothing really to it. While you can go cloak>meteor assault> cloak to reveal them. Just comment if i miss something. Critical build: Uses katars as weapons in order to double the critical rate. Page 1 of 2 - Magic Sinx Guild - posted in Assassin Cross: Here is a guide that would help you make your own magic type sinx, still I would say it isnt that good built as elemental swords r nerfed 0.5% (Cold bolt) rest of bolts at 10% chance,so here we go. 5 Enhanced Hiding. 10 Improve Flee. Ragnarok Online Assassin Cross skill effect and description. Status Build(End Game) Assassin Dual Dagger Build at Level 99 Str 80 Agi 90 Vit 48 Int 1 Dex 33 Luk 20 Comment This build give you high DPS and good aspd. Mid Gear Delay Wing + Kiel Card Examples of Skill Build VII. I think this build so far is my best build . Correction. B). Most Player run if they got hit by oblivion but i rather fight so here's the switching. 10 Hiding. my updated sbr/meteor assault build Soul Breaker Sinx Build: There are many type of build for Soul Breaker, and i will not post a fixed build because different person have different idea of build so please build your own stats and let me rate and discuss about it seems so many people like to flame about it. keep using one hand dagger and shield and switch to OL armor. Online games, bboying, sports., anime.. anything ^^ u name it. Going balanced? 2. anyone? Making them guess on that will make them spam faster on their seeds. Don't follow them. 5 Twin Blade Penetration. I will post a few stat builds that I use, feel free to make changes. Advanced at max adds +20% damage. crit sinx HAS to go dual on you(your hp should be high enough that they need to). Throw them off their ygg rhythm by going one hand damage> backslide> cloak. The Assassin Cross has a huge repertoire of lethal arts including ultimate mastery of poison-use, better than the original Assassin. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Back Sliding lvl 10. If someone told you that, and he is using a sinx, he don't know what he is talking about. Menu. But then again, I can equip using double click on the inventory window so yeah people might use that tip of yours. Meteor Assault [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 406)-> An attack that causes mass damage to all enemies within a 5x5 cells area around the caster. In this part we will tackle important information about stats of a sonic blow build for assassin cross in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. Be creative. You think a DD SinX will be suitable for breaking? 14. Both are about spamming skills, but while Soul Breaker is a single target strong skill, the Meteor Assault affects all monsters around you, but is way weaker. Hello, this is my first writing at RMS.. As the title above, i want to share my build for PvP/WoE sonic blow assassin cross. 4. Any enemies hit by this skill will receive Stun, Blind or Bleeding status ailment randomly with a (5+5*SkillLV)% chance. don't get the system". Sp is not much of a problem with the food trick. You can post now and register later. Job Discussion. - Lastly, I agree with reditz90, normal magic-build assassins with their meteor assault / soul breaker spam is already a well-known powerful build.. . Clear editor. If you can't switch in the middle of a battle without using hotkeys, you shouldn't play the class at all. I'll probably switch to crit build when I … 5 Sonic Acceleration. 10 Enhanced Enchant Poison. This thread is archived. Meteor Assault lvl 10 Soul breaker is good because of its range. Candy Ring + Addax card = more on HP% and endure effect which i use most of the time. Ragnarok Online Philippines Meteor Assault/Soul Destroyer SinX Leveling. ... Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a free-to-play fantasy RPG based off the original Ragnarok Online franchise, developed by XD Global and licensed by Gravity Interactive. I made some mistake while making this guide >.< ops..... why do u use int isnt that supposed to be for magic? × Utilising different card setup would already increase the damage a little, but there isn't enough of a damage boost on a high rate server to make the skill compete with other high damage skills (this was never the intention of this skill anyway). Repeat until you throw them off. Hero Rank B Soul Breaker Meteor Assault & Cross Impact skills. Thoughts about SinX Soul Breaker MVP Build. Meteor Assault is ATK focussed and not being boosted by EDP is the main reason for it's 'low' damage. A ) Sonic Blow Build Int: 400. Assassin V.C. Cards to put are whichever combination of this. Assassins have a variety of damage dealing and poisoning skills. Generates Shock Wave on the ground and inflicts damage equaling to 171% of your Physical Attack, damaging up to 3 nearby enemies in a 2 meter radius. Rosary + Errende Ebecce Card = Pneuma use only for ranger or GS. Your Agi gives you makes you capable of evading attacks. Type Soul Breaker, Meteor Assault and Cross Impact Type. i am a big noob since RO changed before when i uaed to play it, if you dont mind explain to me the weapons,armors etc coz u wrote them in short terms i need the full name of them please lol. Vit 48+2 can protect you from stun. This skill is cast instantly and the cooldown depends on your character's Vigor. The most effective use of this skill, from my personal experience, is … 83% Upvoted. =). I will not advice people that uses ND gear to try dagger sinx. It has a chance of leaving enemies stunned, blind or bleeding. 10. Meteor Assault Assasin Cross build satu hit Farming di Annolian. ... Meteor Assault Level10 Create Deadly Poison Level1. 5. If you would've went for a full Meteor assault build with the right equipment, you could easily get some damage going from 1k to 2.5k depending on the defense of the monster/player. I'm planning on making my assassin cross a Meteor Assault & Sonic Blow build. Upload or insert images from URL. So, this guide is done thinking you are using at least king set(vote or donate, it doesn't matter), an fdagger(2-3 of them for good measure), loki's blade OR legendary sinx blade, your aura should also be at least original zodiac. hit them with 2 hand for 2-3 seconds> backslide> cloak> one hand. STR- around 280 base, or until you make your attack in the stat window more than 2k(2 weapons). 4 Atros Card = Gives more attack rather than Zipper Bear. 3. 2. I will make this guide short and sweet. Build stats are displayed considering base stat values, ignoring benefits from gear and food, etc. My build so far: Thief. RateMyServer Ragnarok Community » Ragnarok Online » Guides ... no customs, no miniboss/MvP cards in sinX equip. he has too much hp? Owl Baron, Horong, Errende Ebecee, Wikebine tres, str runes, vit runes.